Hello, I'm Allison.

I currently reside in Seattle and work as a Web Designer at Nordstrom. I provide freelance creative services which include design, brand strategy, creative direction, styling and creative/blog mentorship. I am passionate about fashion, design, creative writing and all things lifestyle. 

I graduated in 2014 from Western Washington University with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and minors in Communication and Journalism. As an alumnus, I am passionate about mentoring design students on resume building, career guidance, internship experience and design skill set. 

I have experience working in a variety of design settings from start-ups, to mid-sized agencies to an international brand. Some of my work experience includes: Nordstrom, GA Creative, Red Rokk Interactive, Copacino+Fujikado, Downtown Bellingham Partnership and The LaLa.

I also have experience working and collaborating with the following individuals and brands: Unionbay, Horseshoe, Circa Vintage Rentals, Violette's Flowers, Coors Peak, JustGreet, KNDM Co. and Jenna Bechtholt Photography

I have been featured in the following publications: Palm Springs Style Magazine, JuJubeet, Unionbay blog, the Lala and Klipsun Magazine

Aside from pursuing a career in design, I am the dedicated blogger behind West Coast Aesthetic. West Coast Aesthetic encompasses my unique design, style and lifestyle. It aims to capture the life of a twenty-something in Seattle, Washington and the experiences and inspirations that ensure involving creativity, consumption and exploration. 

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